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Our students testimonials are important to us!!

They provide feedback for improvement. This helps us display our lessons ethos:

I have found Rob’s lessons to be very beneficial and gets you thinking in a different approach to guitar , as well as explaining stuff in a simple structured fashion!

Nigel (Kells)

I have been going to the lessons for the past 6 months and have found that Rob is a very patient and understanding teacher (he would have to be with me anyhow!!!!!!). I have had classroom lessons before with a different teacher but have found that the one to one lessons are the way to go. Rob varies the lessons every week so that you are never bored, and always gives you a new challenge to learn every week. This makes the lessons more fun and you look forward to the next lesson. Keep up the good work Rob!!!!!

Vincent (Kells)

As one of Roberts students (mature ones ), I have been learning the guitar and having lessons once a week for the past 9 months. I am delighted with all the course work Rob has done with me. He is very patient and some material has taken longer to learn than others and that’s not a problem. I look forward to my lesson and try and get as much practice as I can, which is harder some weeks than others, but Rob has plenty of variety in the homework he gives me so I am always learning. It’s ace and I am very much enjoying it and  progressing very well .

Verina (Nobber)

Great Teacher. Learned so much since I’ve started and hopefully I’ll get to learn more rock songs such as my chemical romance, guns and roses and red hot chili peppers songs. :)

Dylan ( Kingscourt )

Great Teacher…and good jamming sessions when you have your piece learned well. :)

Stephen (Navan)

Thanks for your tutorship over the 8 weeks, which I have found to be first class.

Martin  (Bailieborough)

Robert is a professional and dedicated teacher. He really focuses on his students, and provided study notes after every session so my son was able to go over what he had learned at his lesson. I would highly recommend Robert for anyone interested in guitar lessons

Eileen (Kingscourt)

I was a bit nervous at my first session but Robert makes learning to play Ukulele fun and enjoyable. I really look forward to my Tuesday sessions it’s become one of my favorite parts of the week.

Lauryn (Nobber)

Guitar Lessons Meath has given me a great foundation in my knowledge and understanding of the guitar which has enabled me to now learn things for myself.

Amber (Kilmainhamwood)

I would encourage any guitar player to go to Robert. He goes into great depth and knowledge about all aspects of guitar playing. He also gives valuable notes at the end of each session to go through. Robert is an excellent guitar tutor.

Cillian (Kingscourt)

Robert is an excellent teacher. Lessons are structured and enjoyable. I have progressed greatly since I started his lessons. Homework motivates me to play more and keep my skills sharp. I would definitely recommend Robert as a guitar teacher to anyone I know!

Juliana Gilbride (Bailieborough)

Every time the boy’s come home I always ask how they got on and they say  brilliant and how they loved it …so what your doing is perfect…i can see a big difference and they take out their guitar every day without being asked. So thanks again.

Martina  (Kingscourt)

Robert it is amazing how much you give of yourself for your students, and that is why we are lucky to have you as our Teacher

Tom (Navan)

Danny really is enjoying his lessons to the point he thinks the hour is not enough ?.So thank you for being the teacher that you are and keeping him interested. We were very lucky to find you

 Ella (Kingscourt)


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