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Skype lessons are ideal if a lesson cannot be attended in person. All that is required  is a webcam, a good internet connection, and of course Skype will need to be installed on a computer or multi-media device. The quality of tuition is exactly the same, however nothing can replace a face to face one on one lesson. A Skype lesson is the next best alternative – any questions or difficulties which arise can be dealt with immediately, unlike pre-recorded online lessons. Skype lessons are in the here and now, Tutor and Student can see and hear each other perfectly. Regarding any hand-out’s or reference materials; All material is already in electronic format which can be emailed during lessons, whether this  be notation, backing tracks, videos, diagrams, recorded music or anything else. During a Skype the Tutors screen is shared with the student and everything that is displayed on the tutors screen is also visible on the student’s screen, just as if they were in the same room. The main benefit of a Skype lesson are; there’s no travel time or traffic jams to deal with, traveling costs are removed. If the weather is particularly nasty, and road conditions are dangerous – rather than cancelling a lesson and loosing the lesson fee – the lesson can go ahead. The down side to Skype lessons are; Visual, and Audio quality are effected by internet speed, and lesson experience depends upon equipment and devices utilised. Skype lessons are not intended to replace Face to Face one on one lessons, but as a supplementary service used in conjunction with the traditional lessons format.

Skype lessons


How are teaching materials given to students during a Skype lesson?

Lesson material is supplied in digital format – that is Pdf and Mp3/wav files. the material will cover such elements as technique, musical vocabulary, rhythm reading, approaches to improvising, case studies, solos and music theory. This will be  emailed  during the Skype  lesson. A  well-organised body of high quality material, from which to work from is compiled. 

What are the benefits of including Skype lessons, with traditional one-on-one lessons


• No travel expenses incurred; you learn from the comfort of your own home.  

• No interruption to lessons due to bad weather. 

• As with one-on-one lessons Skype lessons are tailored to the individual.  

• Skype lessons are two-way, as oppose to watching a YouTube lesson. 

• PDFs of material are instantly emailed as required during the lessons themselves. 

• You receive instant feedback on tasks attempted and how to make improvements. 

• Skype lessons are possible when geography would make in-person lessons impossible


Can you teach technique during Skype lessons?

It is  preferable to deal with issues of technique in person, however most issues of technique are relatively clear to identify, such as thumb placement, efficiency of movement, whether the pick movement is generated by the finger, hand or forearm, etc. Once identified, technique can then be address with the appropriate set of exercises and clear instructions. 

This is what is needed for a Skype lesson!!

• The latest version of Skype application (available here) • High-speed Internet connection • Webcam/Microphone/Headphones • An Email account • A Guitar      SKYPE SET UP INSTRUCTIONS