Other services we offer

1. Music Theory

Music Theory provides a language for talking about music and an understanding of how it works. Studying theory helps to develop rhythm, ear training, reading, composition and many other skills. Without it; it is like being able to speak, without the ability to write.

Our theory lessons are not just applicable to the guitar, but all instruments and the skills developed are transferable no matter what instrument you play.

2. Grinds

Our Junior and Leaving Certificate music grinds are based around the current school year curriculum.

Whether just a little help is need with course work, or preparation for exams, our lessons will help you develop the skills and confidence needed to take the stress out of  your exams.

3. Singing instruction

Singing instruction for adults and teens is two-part, concentrating on both vocal technique and interpretation.

The technique portion works on breathing, range development, vocal strength, flexibility, intonation and tonal quality. The material chosen for interpretation work – which may include classical, jazz/blues, rock/pop, traditional music or musical theatre – is chosen with each student’s unique goals (and voice) in mind.

As it is not generally advisable to begin technical work before the age of 15, singing lessons for younger students concentrates on musicianship and interpretation skills only.

4. Transcription Services

Full transcription services are provided utilising Sibelius or musescore. These can be then converted into  PDF format which allows reading on any platform.

Professional presentations are also catered for using lilypond, giving a comparable quality of engravement to major publishing houses.

Our transcription services include:

  1. Transcription from audio source of almost all kinds of music: jazz, rock, R&B, soul, pop, fusion…Solo transcriptions
  2. Arrangement transcriptions
  3. Engravement from handwritten manuscript
  4. Create MIDI files from the partitions; used for listening or training
    And many more…

The price of a transcription may vary depending on the complexity, the length and the quality of the recording.

If you have any queries please fill in a request on our contact page and we will try to assist you.