28 Jan 2012

So, you’d like to start playing solos, but don’t know how to go about it? Here’s a quick way to get you started.

These three scales represent –A pentatonic minor. This has five notes:  A C D E G. The scale is situated at the 5th fret. The second is basically the same except there is a little extension at the top, which takes you a few frets higher. The third scale is one octave higher than the first. These patterns cover quite a bit of the fretboard and provide ample material for a solo.

A pentatonic minor

This is the basic movable pattern, and doesn’t use finger extensions or changes of hand position


……with extension

You’ll find yourself playing some different phrases with this pattern, which shifts position to get right up to the 12th fret


An Octave Higher

Don’t be put off by the high numbers; the frets are closer together at the top of the neck so there’s less stress on your fingers