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Our guitar lessons promote rapid growth

Our lessons promote rapid growth and understanding at Guitar Lessons Meath we use the most up to date and modern approaches to guitar tuition by utilising a strategic three pronged approach.


                Visualise                    Connect                     Play

At Guitar Lessons Meath we teach you how to visualise the fret-board – not as one complete unit; but as a series of connecting and organised system of shapes and formulas. A visual approach can be applied to all instruments; the guitar however is particularly suited to this approach, due to its graph like construction of strings and frets. Just think of the very first chords you will learn on guitar it is the shape of those chords that are most memorable, and it is the shape that you call to mind when playing again.

The next approach after learning these shapes is learning how to connect them. This approach develops the understanding that everything on the guitar neck is connected and can seamlessly be incorporated together. By being able to visualise what you play and then learning how each section or shape connects to the other, can takes years off your development and speed your progress. This approach produces far greater gains than spending hours upon hours endlessly practicing scales and arpeggios attempting to build muscle memory.

Building these shapes up slowly and deliberately and using the smallest section of them to play, not only develops the application of each piece but encourages improvisation. This makes learning the guitar fun as right from the earliest stages guitar students begin to make music.

  1. Visualize – You will master the entire fret board using 5 basic chord shapes and never be “stuck” in one position again
  2. Connect – You will discover how to connect licks and create solos that don’t sound like scales
  3. Play – You will be able to play songs and solos with confidence and keep progressing

We are not abdicating spending time practicing, but we are promoting practicing the right and most constructive way. So that each hour spent practicing is beneficial to your musical development. We are also not abdicating the need to develop your musical theory, or your musical understanding, but as your musical ability is developed so will your understanding of what is being played. At Guitar lessons Meath theory and musicianship skills are very much a part of our tuition.


The main advantage of this approach is you very quickly start to see reference and anchor points that take the guess work out of playing

Connecting these blocks then allows you to navigate your way around the complete fret-board with expertise and ease and so rapidly increases your playing ability.

By applying the CAGED system with an understanding of musical knowledge and basic harmonic theory the logic of the guitar fret-board is opened up, this creates an understanding of what you are playing and how what you play relates to the underlying harmony. Unlock the secrets the professionals use, and create easily recognisable reference points along the guitar fret board.

Never be stuck for improvising and melodic ideas ever again – learn how to track any musical structure precisely, and remove the guess work from your playing. The CAGED system will open up the guitar fret board before your very eyes, helping you visualise everything you play, helping you connect everything you play, and most of all helping you make sense of everything you play.

Understanding the CAGED system will open secrets which allow you to improvising over any song, and the ability to play in all positions, this will develop the skills needed to play with anyone.

The CAGED system will develop the ability to transpose licks into any key so you can play over any song

The CAGED system will  massively improve your rhythm and lead guitar playing.

The CAGED system will end  the confusion about what chords and scales to use.

The CAGED system will develop that fret board mastery every guitarist craves


When learning guitar the choices can be overwhelming

  • Do I need lessons?

  • Can I learn myself?

  • On-line lessons?

  • What books should I buy?

At Guitar Lessons Meath we recommend utilising whatever means to reach your goals. With all of the above recommend if, and when needed.

A good guitar teacher can save you years of struggling, by showing you how to do things the best way from the start. So whether you want to learn electric guitar, acoustic guitar, classical guitar  – make sure you use a registered guitar tutor.

lessonsOur guitar lessons promote rapid growth by focusing upon musicianship skills first. With graded or non-graded lessons.

All lesson material is supplied in mp3 and PDF formats; giving students an aural and visual reference. Our lessons are tailored specifically to each students needs.

One on one Guitar Lessons from just €65 per month. **

We cater for all levels of guitar playing – From beginner to advanced, we tailor lessons to suit you!


Expert tuition will keep you focused, by setting clear goals, and helping you to learn what you need to learn, not what you think you should learn. By developing you in such a way; that the musical learning journey will be approached in a strategic manner. This eliminates many wasted years playing the same old material over and over without ever really improving or getting better.

If you have any queries please fill in a request on our contact page and we will try to assist you.

** Price based on half hour Non-Graded lesson booked in a block of 10 with a 10% discount applied